Building solutions, delivering results
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                          Building Solutions, Delivering Results

                          Custom Software Development

                          Tailor-made applications which enable, support and integrate your unique business processes designed to your specifications in collaboration with you.

                          Integration and Migration Solutions

                          Integrating enterprise and legacy applications and databases with business, messaging, collaboration and intranet systems.

                          IT and Business Solutions

                          Designing, developing and implementing custom and turnkey applications in a wide range of horizontal areas.

                          Consulting Services

                          Meeting today's business and IT challenges.

                          Software Solutions Development

                          Designing, creating and implementing the applications that empower people and organizations to meet their goals.

                          Business Technology Optimization

                          Strategic consulting services which ensure the optimal integration of people, process and technology.


                          Ensuring the smooth assimilation of new technology for maximum productivity and minimum disruption.


                          Who is Collaboratech and what makes us different?

                          A new approach for today's business climate.

                          Collaboratech is a completely new kind of IT consulting firm with a fresh approach to your business needs. We offer a unique blend of technical skills, industry insight, business experience and visionary leadership.

                          What makes us different?

                          Most IT consulting firms are run by sales people. They are sales-driven. Essentially, their goal is to maximize sales and profits, and grow their business. At Collaboratech, we're client-driven. We listen to you. Our goal is to be the best at providing the services you need, when you need them. We won't pressure you into paying for services you don't need. We won't give you inflated quotes for hundreds of hours of work when a few hours will suffice. Your business is your business. The success of your business is your number one priority. And it's ours too. We're a consulting company run by consultants. IT professionals not sales people. Call us when you're ready for a new partnership.

                          What services do we offer?

                          Our services are based around the idea that in today's competitive global business environment, access to knowledge and information is critical to success. We focus on building processes and implementing technology that allows you to get the highest degree of synergy from your people and your information systems. We can design, build and implement networks, applications, systems and processes that enable communication and collaboration across your organization.

                          Our Team

                          Meet our team.

                          Mark Burgess

                          Principal Consultant and Software Developer

                          Michael Miles

                          Independent Consultant

                          Craig Caesar

                          Independent Software Developer / Consultant

                          Mary Burgess

                          Administrative Assistant

                          In addition to our permanent team, we utilize a variety of resources as needed for projects

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